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What We Do

What We Do

ZenMastering provides professional audio mastering services to musicians, producers, and record labels/content owners around the world. Our client list ranges from garage bands to the GRAMMY nominees. Over the last two decades, we've mastered it all.

We make sure recorded music sounds its best regardless of final format or listening environment, so the world can hear it as its meant to be heard. After more than 20 years in business — and over 1,000 projects under our belt — we realize there's no substitute for experience, attention to detail, and professional integrity. The best equipment doesn't hurt, either.


Mastering is a specialization within the world of audio. It's all we do, and we do it right. Request a free mastering sample and hear the difference for yourself.

How We Do It

How We Do It

Our custom assembled all-analog mastering console adds the ultimate finishing touch to your recording...revealing clarity, impact, power, and detail you didn't know existed in your digital mixes.

Picture of ZenMastering's analog mastering console.

Hand-selected pieces from Dangerous Music, Maselec, AnaMod, and Pendulum. Monitored though the Lynx Hilo AD/DA, controlling Lipinski L-707 speakers (bi-amplified by Lipinski monoblock amps) and B&W subwoofers. All work spot-checked with Audeze headphones. Everything is connected with DH Labs SilverSonic cable and powered by the Sowden Softbrew system (a nod to Doug Sax's famous coffee comment...).

Need digital processing? We work "in the box" when needed and have best-in-class digital tools for those occasions, as well as the best software for audio restoration if a bit of clean-up is required prior to mastering.

The Person Who Does It

Meet the M.E.

ZenMastering is owned and operated by renowned mastering engineer Paul Abbott.


Paul has been featured in Music Connection's "Masters of Mastering" series and appeared as an expert columnist for many of pro audio's leading publications. One of Paul's articles was even cited in Damon Krukowski's acclaimed book The New Analog.

Picture of Paul Abbott.

Paul's perspective on mastering comes from decades of playing music, making recordings, critical listening, and rigorous comparative audio/sonic analysis. His mastering philosophy is that the highest-quality, properly matched analog gear produces the best results.

Published Articles

Published Articles

Paul has been a featured columnist in many of pro audio's leading publications, including EQ, Tape Op, Sound on Sound, Music Connection, and Taxi.


Each magazine cover below links to the article Paul wrote for that issue. But if you only have time for the essentials, check out these three...

  1. What Is Mastering and Why You Need It

  2. Preparing Your Mixes for Mastering

  3. An Argument for Specialization

Clients & Testimonials

Notable artists we've mastered projects/songs for include Agent Orange, Jim Sonefeld (drummer for Hootie and the Blowfish), Justin Young (guitarist for Colbie Caillat), Mike Mills (bassist for R.E.M.), and too many San Diego Music Awards nominees and winners to list.


Below are a few high-profile clients who shared their opinion of our work. For a complete list of testimonials, check out our Facebook page.

" did an incredible job with the Jim Sonefeld (Hootie and the Blowfish drummer) project. I think it sounds absolutely fantastic!
Thank you."

"My association with Paul Abbott and ZenMastering has been one of the most productive and satisfying experiences in mastering I have ever had."

"Thank you for all the work you put into this. Beautiful. Simply beautiful."

Client Testimonials
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: "Are your mastering prices negotiable?"

A: We’ll happily discuss your budget and your project. Our goal is to make your recording sound its best.

# # #


Q: "Why wouldn't I just use a less expensive, automated mastering service like LANDR?"

A: Sound quality. Automated/AI digital plug-in mastering can't compare with all-analog mastering done by an experienced professional. If your music is important to you, use an experienced mastering engineer/studio that works with the highest quality analog tools, understands your goals, and listens to your perspective.



Cost depends on the details of each project. For a project with "average length" songs (3-4 minutes each song) here's a point of reference:


  • One-minute sample master: free

  • Single song: $99

  • Two or more songs: $75/song

  • 4-song E.P.: $300 ($75/song)

  • Full album (10 songs, 40-ish minutes): $750 ($75/song)


Once we know the number of songs and total playing time of your project we can give an exact price.


Note: Cost includes all pre-work discussions (including a complimentary sample, if requested), mastering, and one revision if there's anything that you feel needs re-consideration.


International shipping of master discs (if required) is a separate fee.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Complete the form below to book a session, request a free mastering sample, or just ask a question about recording or mastering.

Useful information for us is how many songs you need mastered, total playing time, and any deadline associated with your project.

We'll be in touch soon!

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